Terms and Conditions

  1. Please assure a responsible adult is present during tuition if the tutee is below the age of 16. A-Star Aspiration is not responsible for the safety of the tutee. It is also advisable that the environment where the tuition is taking place is quiet so that the tuition can be carried out more effectively.
  2. Each tutorial is up to 1 hour long. Regrettably tutorials cannot overrun because this will impact on tutorials with other clients.
  3. Please be aware that although studying with a good private tutor will greatly improve your chances of getting a high grade in the exam, it is not a guarantee of this.
  4. In the unlikely event that the tutor is unable to attend the tutorial, due to illness for example, A-Star Aspiration will either reschedule the tutorial or offer a full refund for that tutorial at your discretion.
  5. If you need to cancel a tutorial then please give 24 hours’ notice. In such case, at your discretion, a full refund will be given or it can be rescheduled. If you cannot give 24 hours’ notice then the tutorial can still be rescheduled. If the problem was unforeseeable, such as an illness, and a rescheduled tutorial is not possible then please contact A-Star Aspiration. 
  6. Privacy Policy: A-Star Aspiration is registered under the Data Protection Act. No data collected  about you will be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes by A-Star Aspirations. The data collected will be used to ensure customised and effective tutorials are being provided, contacting the client or tutee in connection with the tutorials, for purposes of billing, and for any legal purposes. Trusted third parties will be used to help with providing these services, such as in connection with billing for example. The data collected will be name, email address, house address, telephone number, work completed from the lessons and billing information such as credit card details. Statistical software is used that collects information, such as which search engine was used to access this website and the IP address. This statistical data is not used to identify you personally. You consent to your data being used in this way when you register with A-Star Aspiration.