The price of Online tuition depends on the level being taught. The table below lists these costs.

Level  Cost
Key Stage 3 Science  £30/hour
GCSE Physics  £35/hour
A’ level Physics  £40/hour


If you prefer ‘Home tuition’, instead of ‘Online tuition’, you will need to add travelling expenses as well. Click here for details.

Free lessonFree First Lesson
If you are not sure whether my lessons are worth the money, don’t worry. I am offering a free first lesson. This means you can decide whether A-Star Aspirations is for you without paying a penny.Therefore booking a lesson with A-Star Aspirations has no risk.


You will find that some tutors charge less than this and some more. Some tutors are however not experienced teachers or not even teachers at all. I have over twenty years of experience as a successful classroom teacher as well as leading the Physics department. With this experience comes knowledge of knowing what is necessary to succeed in the exams. Whilst having a good private tutor is no guarantee of success, it does greatly improve your preparation for those exams and your ability to do well in them. If you are not sure, remember the first lesson is free.




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