A Physics tutor for Schools

How can a Physics tutor help your school?

A Physics tutor for schools can help pupils that are unable to come to school so that they do not fall behind. A Physics tutor can mentor FSM pupils to help them fulfil their potential within your school. If your school does not have a specialist Physics teacher, a Physics tutor can help the gifted and talented pupils, or any class, to be inspired by Physics and to shine in this subject. Alternatively, a Physics tutor can provide inset lessons for non-Physics specialists on teaching Physics.

I at A-Star Aspirations can provide these services to your school.

I have many years’ experience as a science classroom teacher that includes teaching all ages, abilities and behaviours in secondary schools up to A’ level Physics. I have reached the 3rd threshold, being promoted to Head of Physics then again to Second in Science, before leaving to start this business. I also, of course, have a current enhanced DBS certificate. You can read more about my qualifications on the ‘About me’ page.

The services I offer are as follows:

Physics tutor for SchoolsI can mentor small groups of FSM pupils Science to GCSE level (not just Physics) to help them to improve their science grades. Having a good tutor can help the pupils connect better with the subject. I will be able to give the pupils plenty of attention and patience but also I will be able to tailor the lesson to specifically the way the pupils want to be taught. I’ll do this by listening to their concerns about learning Science and adjust the lessons accordingly. This may help the pupils not only to understand the subject better but also to motivate them to want to understand Science better. This should then be transferred to the classroom.

Physics tutor for SchoolsI can help pupils that are unable to come into school due to a long term illness or because of exclusion. I can teach them Science up to GCSE standard or Physics up to A’ level standard in their home online. I use a video conferencing system that is similar to Skype but it also has an interactive whiteboard. This enables me to teach online as if I am in the same room. Whatever I write will come up on the student’s screen in real time and when I hand over control, the student can do the same. The notes written on this whiteboard will then be saved and emailed to the student or to the school, whichever is Online tutoringpreferred. The student must have a computer with a microphone and the computer must have Flash installed. Flash is normally installed anyway, but if not, it can be downloaded. Flash is unlikely to be available on the iPad however; at least for the time being. For more information on the use of the interactive whiteboard see the page ‘How Online Tutoring Works’.

Physics tutor for SchoolsIf your school does not have a specialised Physics teacher, I can help by providing Inset on teaching Physics. I can do this online or in school. This can either be teaching Physics to GCSE or A’ level standard or on delivering Physics lessons. If it is the latter you should choose the in school option so I can tutor on the use of Physics practical equipment. I will need access to the school’s equipment for this.

Physics tutor for SchoolsIf your school does not have a specialised Physics teacher, I can also help by teaching Physics to a particular class that will benefit from a specialist Physics teacher. I will need access to the school’s equipment and the normal teacher of the class should be present.

See the table below for the costs and services available.

Service Venue Cost Travelling Cost
Online inset on Learning Physics                       (I am able to teach up to 6 teachers online at a time) Online £45/hour None
Inset on learning Physics At your school £90 for 2 hour session or £160 for the whole school day 37p/mile
Inset workshop on teaching Physics at GCSE or A’ level standard At your school £90 for 2 hour session or £160 for the whole school day 37p/mile
Teaching a class of up to 32 pupils Physics to GCSE or A’ level standard (Their teacher must be present) At your school £90 for no more than 2 hour session or £160 for the whole school day and any number of lessons in that day. 37p/mile
Mentoring up to 5 pupils at any one time At your school £90 for 2 hour session or £160 for the whole school day 37p/mile
One-to-one KS3 Science tuition Online £30/hour None
One-to-one GCSE Physics tuition (pupil or teacher) Online £35/hour None
One-to-one      A’ level Physics tuition           (pupil or teacher) Online £40/hour None


Call me for the exact cost of the travelling expenses. I am based in Shropshire and the travelling cost will be based on the return journey of the quickest road distance between our premises according to Google map.

The exact content of the Inset and workshops will depend on what you need. When you book the lesson this will be discussed and I will tailor the workshop accordingly. It may include, for example, the use of Physics equipment, such as the ticker timer. It may instead, or as well, be on how to teach about the solar system in a way that will keep the pupils engaged and challenged. The workshops on teaching Physics will be practical based, not just in the use of using Physics equipment but also in practicing delivering the Physics lessons themselves. I always believe in challenging and engaging everyone in the class and giving everyone the opportunity to express their ideas, together with the ideas set out in the workshop, in a supportive environment.

If you would like to discuss this further or to book a session then you can email me at:


Thank you for considering A-Star Aspirations.