About me

Online Physics tutorI have twenty one years’ experience as a teacher, reaching the position of Head of Physics and Second in Science. I have taught Science up to GCSE level and Physics up to A’ level. I have two degrees; my first degree is BSc (Hons) in Engineering Studies and Manufacturing Studies with Computer Aided Design and my second degree is BSc (Hons) in Psychology. Through my degree course in Psychology I also have an understanding of how the brain works that includes the learning development of children. It also involves skills, such as effective memory techniques. I have a counselling certificate, as well, which illustrates my listening skills and my empathetic nature. I have extensive knowledge about Physics, a subject that I have a great deal of enthusiasm for. This means I am very well qualified to be your Physics tutor and provide a high quality service, not just in terms of attitude, but also in terms of technical ability. Since I am an online Physics tutor means that I’m in a position to help you anywhere in the world, even if you live in a remote area. Finally, I also have the full enhanced DBS certificate (formally called CRB).

Go to my help page where I have prepared two lessons; one on our changing ideas about the solar system and the other on refraction. Both are done to GCSE standard. Also look at my blog that I’ve just started. I will be discussing about Physics and engineering things. The first one is about exciting future British engineering projects that are taking place.

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