Key Stage 3 Science

Key Stage 3 ScienceKey stage 3 science is the level taught at year 7, 8 and 9, although most schools now start GCSE at year 9.

A-Star Aspirations can help teach your son/daughter Key stage 3 Science.

Private tuition at this level is important because:

  • It should give your son/daughter the opportunity to reach the highest level possible. Pupils that do well in science at Key Stage 3 level are often put into the higher sets for GCSE Science. Being in the higher set will mean that your son/daughter will be put in the set that will push them further to achieve a high grade in GCSE Science.
  • It may give your child the confidence to be successful in Science that should help your son/daughter to be successful at GCSE level.
  • It will provide the foundations for what needs to be learnt at GCSE level so that when your son/daughter studies GCSE Science they are more likely to find understanding the new concepts much easier.

I have the experience to provide your son/daughter with a high level of tuition in Key Stage 3 Science at A-Star Aspirations. If you are interested, click on the icons to see how the system works and the pricing structure.






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