GCSE Physics Tutor

gcse physics tutorMany students find Physics difficult. Struggling in Physics will affect the overall exam grade in Science.  Science is a core subject and as such it is very important to do well in it.

A-Star Aspirations can help you to succeed in the Physics section of the Science award, whether it is the single, double or triple awards. I have many years’ experience teaching Science at GCSE level, as well as running the Physics department.

If you need a GCSE Physics tutor A-Star Aspirations can help. I know exactly what is required for you to do well in GCSE Physics with A-Star Aspirations.

I will endeavour to bring these topics to life using many resources and bringing them to you through the video conferencing system and interactive whiteboard. 

There are a number of different syllabi in operation in England and Wales. When you register it would be useful if you can tell me which one you are studying. Your text book will probably be by the same organisation, if not your teacher will know. The  following list shows the exam boards that are available:

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
WJEC/CBAC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)

If you are interested, click the relevant tabs above or the icons to see how the system works and the pricing structure.

Thank you for considering A-Star Aspirations.



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