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A level Physics with A-Star AspirationsA level Physics is possibly one of the most difficult A’ levels that you can take. It is therefore important to stay on top of things when studying it, especially when it effectively accounts for a quarter of your current education if you are taking 4 A’ level subjects.

An A level Physics tutor with A-Star Aspirations can help you make sense of this difficult but highly interesting subject. I have many years’ experience teaching A level Physics, as well as running the Physics department.

After GCSE there are two levels you can be taught at with Physics. These are AS level Physics and A level Physics. At the moment studying A level Physics essentially means studying both qualifications. In the first year you will be studying AS level Physics. This is the easiest of the two and it is designed to provide an easier transition from GCSE to A’ level. In the second year it will be A2 level. There is a step up in difficulty from AS level to A2 level. As from September 2015, both AS and A level Physics are linear. This means you cannot retake an individual module, like you could when it was modular. It also means the examination will only take place in the summer.

Don’t worry though about how difficult A level Physics or AS level Physics are.

I know exactly what is required for you to do well in A level Physics with A-Star Aspirations. Whilst I can’t guarantee success A-Star Aspirations can give you the best possible opportunity to be successful in A level Physics.

A level PhysicsPhysics, in my opinion is the most rewarding subject, dealing with topic areas such as cosmology, particle Physics, and relativity (depending on the syllabus youA level Physics are taking).


I will endeavour to bring these topics to life using many resources and bringing them to you through the video conferencing system that uses an interactive whiteboard, which both tutor and tutee can write on.


There are a number of different syllabi in operation in England and Wales for A level Physics. If you decide to book a lesson it would be useful if you can tell me which one you are studying. Your text book will probably be by the same organisation, if not your teacher will know. The  following list shows the exam boards that are available:

AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)
OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations)
WJEC/CBAC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)

If you are interested, click the relevant tabs above or on the icons to see how the system works and the pricing structure.

Thank you for considering A-Star Aspirations.




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