Learning with A-Star Aspirations

successAt A-Star Aspirations the lessons will be tailored specifically to suit your style of learning. Everyone learns best according to what they can relate to and interests them.  At A-Star Aspirations I will endeavour to increase your confidence in Physics so that you will be able to solve unique Physics problems.

The teaching style that I adopt is explained below:

  • Teaching the lessons as much as possible according to your interests and what you can relate to.
  • Provide you with lots of positive feedback.
  • Listen to your concerns about learning Physics and tailoring the lessons accordingly.
  • Being very patient. I will spend as much time as you need on a particular concept.
  • Provide you with challenging Physics problems to solve but in a framework of support until you are able to solve those problems on your own.
  • Help with exam and revision techniques, including memory techniques. As explained in the ‘About me’ page, one of the degrees that I have is in Psychology, which includes how the brain works such as memory. 

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Of course I can’t guarantee any exam grade but as your private Physics tutor I will do my very best for you, constantly thinking about how to make your lessons even more effective. My aim will be to make you confident and successful in Physics.