How Online Tutoring Works

A-Star Aspirations is an online tutoring service but how is it possible to tutor online? Will it make learning more difficult than if the tutor came to your home or if you went to the tutor’s home?

My answer to this is obviously an emphatic no. The reason for this is the interactive conferencing system that I use. It really enables me to teach as if we are in the same room.

When you log in (see the page ‘How to enter the classroom’) you will see the page as shown below.

Online tutoring whiteboard

I’ll be able to write down or draw on the whiteboard to help with my explanations; just like I would if I was using a pen and paper. Also, once I hand control over to you, you will be able to do the same. You will find that learning with the whiteboard is a fun way to learn, much better than pen and paper! I will be able to upload presentation slides onto the whiteboard as well, such as the ones shown below. 

Online tutoringPdf Presentation







As I’m teaching the lesson I can write on any of the slides as if I’m writing on a paper worksheet. You’ll even be able to take the notes away with you because I will save everything and email them to you.

Alongside this whiteboard is the audio communication. You will need a microphone for this and speakers connected to your computer. Alternatively, a head set that incorporates a microphone and headphones should suffice. It also has video but this is optional. The system is similar to Skype.

Online tutoring is really like being there.